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I Remember You


Gather round, hear the sound 

of the song I'm singing to you

carried clear, down the years

by the wings of all that could have been

but i can say It don't happen everyday, 

no Siree, not so straight and true

the fairest smile in the British Isles

that's the way I remember you


Waste your years, waste your tears

and you find the Autumn's here again

the soul of man, say that I can

and there's nothing like the change in season

to make me say it don't happen everyday

no madam, can you say it too

most of all, in the fall

that's the way I remember you


Lost clarity brought new charity

and you go more forgiving of the world

society's crime makes the man shine

and the same is true the other way around

and i can say it don't happen everyday 

no M'lud, for what am I accused?

romantic days in the modern age

that's the way I remember you


The fires yearn and the music burns 

in the ancient forest, time's on your side

dreamy wood, thick as blood

this here and now, this is life

and I say it don't happen everyday

no you fool, how could it do?

the bluest eyes in the British Isles

that's the way I remember you


It's hard to tell if you're well

or if the risk is just the fool's excuse

you've seen the queen's all that she seems

and the poet can't talk to his friends

and she would say it don't happen everyday

not on your life, you win less than you lose

but I can't tell, drunk as hell

that's the way I remember you


I'm going home, where i came from

I can't wait no longer for fortune or fame

I'll wander through all that i knew 

the empty streets where as a boy i'd play

and i will say it don't happen everyday

no boy, blessed by fortune

In the early morn illusion strong

that's the way I'll remember you

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