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Joy And Independence


Joy and Independence back when they first met 

Joy was studying medicine, Independence hadn't made his mind up yet 


about what he wanted to do with his life but he had big dreams 

and when he told Joy about them he hoped she was listening 


but as it happened, Joy kind of loved him 

and when he told her his secrets she jacked her studies in 


and off they went travelling down to Italy 

through the Val D'Aosta and into Lombardy 


making love every day and night as the night drew in 

smoking foreign cigarettes those ones long and thin 


and the country seem to go so well with their wrangler love 

the basket of Amelia the mountains above 


but as it came to Christmas time joy began to yearn for home

by then they'd made it down, all the way to Rome 


where the sombre sound of churches blue telling toll 

and strange ideas began creeping in Independence's soul 


then came the separation like it could've been foreseen 

Joy it was sad but was working it out Indy continued in his dreams


She picked up with her studies medicine once more 

she knew for independence they would never of been a cure


it wasn't that she forgot about him,  she just tidied up her heart 

Independence went on remembering,  and made a life in art 


25 years later they're thinking once again 

Joy and Independence should be the best of friends 


Joy and Independence you think I've made it up 

it all happened like I said here I swear on the good book

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