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Off The Rails


I've got nothing to do today but think about the way things seem to go 

when tomorrow is as far away is the one you loved yesterday

that was me in Waterloo I was hungry and so were you 

hungry for the city lights across the bridge cross the night


   I'm going off the rails for sure

   there's no going back not from here no way

   I'm going off the rails and i don't care

   cos i never knew where that train was going anyway


Music music fills the air as soon as you cross the bridge 

and money doesn't matter none and you don't know who the band is 

when the Thames might as well be wine when wine's so easy to find 

the barman can't believe his eyes that we're there again


I can remember well Leicester city station in the rain

I didn't even know you then and how I wish I could've told you 

all about my heart being broke and the hipster in a so-hip coat whose 

falsities were all proved true years later


I'm not the only one for whom the blues have run the game 

and there is no end in what to say but I'll sing that song until my dying day 

and wondering around the cemetery all those people were just like me and you 

so put your fur coat on the taxicab blows his horn


The one I love she's far from me much further than you would want to see 

and is God going to help the mess I'm in?

or does he need me more than I need him? 

I know there's things you don't want to hear but sweetest friend do not fear 

I feel the pull destiny that the one I love is not for me


Now what's in front I do not know just as what is gone I am uncertain of

when every moment's an eternity

and you can ask him if you don't trust me

that was me in Waterloo I was lost and so were you

Lost in a flowing stream of untold love and untold dreams

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