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Rain Dries Your Eyes - Shindig! Magazine Review - 4 STARS

Absolutely delighted by the first review of 'Rain Dries Your Eyes'. Many thanks Shindig! Magazine.

Here's the full review: "This anthology of the London based Yorkshire folk singer compiles material from his 17-year career, with tracks from his six studio albums and some newly recorded songs. In an era when the folk-troubadour has become something of misnomer, McNiff works in area that the latter day earnest young men with guitars not only avoid, but also neither understand or could pull off.

Resolutely inspired by and mirroring the singer/songwriters of the mid-60s to early '70s McNiff really is about as close as you can get to Dylan today. The 33 tracks on this collection could have been recorded at the same time...and that could have been yesterday or 1968. His nasal voice and subtle guitar, often imbued with a second guitar, fiddle, Hammond and drums from a roster of guests, nestle into the subconscious whilst his lyrics paint forlom rainy day colours.

A fantastic body of work.

Jon "Mojo' Mills"

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