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Great Mojo reviews of 'Rain Dries Your Eyes' 4 STARS

"The loneliness of the long distance troubadour!" nice MOJO review, cheers Andy Fyfe!

The full review: "The loneliness of the long-distance troubadour is a heavy one, and few are in for the long haul like Yorkshire's Jason McNiff. This is his second anthology, expanding 2008's In My Time to 33 tracks including re-recordings of six old tracks and four new or unreleased songs. McNiff now has six deep but never dark albums to call on, all of them strongly identifying with '60s and '70s singer-songwriters, but each with a twist, whether it's chasing the blues, hints of Americana or reflecting his extensive travels in Italy. Spliced together with no heed for chronology, they all sound very much the work of one man's singular vision, where fellow travellers and perfect days are remembered with fondness, and loves are often fleeting. The brittle yet engaging voice and inventive acoustic picking make a compelling package - his mere cult status is all the more baffling. Andy Fyfe"

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