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The Wind Of Zaragoza


The wind of Zaragoza, blows gently
When the journey’s over, step out on the street
Like a kind stranger passing by
Blowing for the worried with the tear stained eye
The wind of Zaragoza


The wind of Zaragoza makes you feel
Like the rain on water, everything is real
Like all the prayers that you know by breath
Like a birth: like a death
The wind of Zaragoza


The wind of Zaragoza whispers secrets in your ear
All is as it’s meant to be even your fears
You’ve got a shared history, like a good friend
Remembers you things. you want to do again
The wind of Zaragoza


Did it really happen? Did we really spend that time?
Did we buy any memories? Did I drink all the wine?
Was it the end or just a kind of start?
Did we bring anything into Art?


The wind of Zaragoza blows your mind
Now that you are older you are more grateful and kind
And as you delight in the truth
You don’t mind none of that wasted youth

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